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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Innersense Returns With Their 2nd Song

The New Kids On The Block - INNERSENSE - came back to Grandpa Jones Studio with full of confidence with their 2nd song on Friday evening 30 Nov 2007. The GPJ faithful, Malim,Dillah and Salleh were ever ready to work with the boys again. A warm 'welcome back, great to see you again"Innersense..!! Your return to GPJ indicates your strong statement of intent that you guys are really really SERIOUS about your music.. GPJ really salute you guys.
With a few new gadgets and the previous recording experience with Harapan we were very confident that the final product for the 2nd song ( yet to be titled!!) will be alot better.
The recording of the basic structure of the song was completed within 2 hours. The boys will come back individually to record their individual part before the final mix-down & mastering process and we are really looking forward to that...and at the same time we enjoy watching the "Jewel" volleyball practice at B4 & B5 before knocking off at 11:30pm....Keep On Rocking Guys.
Will update the blog on the next visit by Innersense...watch this space!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Studio Scene

The band busy during practise session for Raya function....at times it can be frustrating but most of the time its GREAT FUN!!!The most important thing is to ENJOY every minute of it. It always ended with discussion ( and of course smoking!!!) on the corridor..

The Studio Has A New Look

With most of the equipments deployed "somewhere" for Raya function, i took the advantage of rearranging and cleaning the studio. Been wanting to do this months ago and finally couldnt find the best time as last weekend.I was doing it at my own pace leaving the majority of the work to be completed on Sunday when the equipments returned home.

Sunday, at around 12 noon all equipments were safely back in the studio...and the work began immediately. Me and Malim were in charge of rearrangement and cleaning while Dillah was busy with repairing damaged cables...a very good teamwork.

The job was finally completed on Monday evening and all of us were very happy with the new look...the studio looks neat and organise now, with the carpet being removed it gave that exclusive look especially the lamenated wooden flooring..i am just wondering how long it will last!!..

New items in this week...SamsomS4 gate, 2 Samson Pencil Mics, 2 Audio Technica Headphones, 2 rolls cable with 10 pairs XLR connectors,12 patch cables, Snare skin top & bottom...more to come...it will be back to recording job soon.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

equipment trailer



CALL NOW - DILLAH ON 8770206 / MALIM ON 8788910


What we have....!!!!! That is what you get......!!!!!

  • Drumset- Pearl Chrome with Sabian Cymbals
  • Guitar Amps-Marshall AVT150, Line 6 Spider, Fender Princeton...
  • Bass Amp- Fender bassman 60, Fender
  • Keyboard Amp- Roland 300.
  • AER Acoustic Guitar Amp Guitar
  • PRS Santana, Epiphone, Craftman
  • Yamaha Compass Acoustic Bass-Ibanez
  • Keyboard -Yamaha Motif MO8
  • PA/Sound System 2x Mackie Bass Bin, 4x Mackie top speaker, Mackie 24 Channel Mixer, Peavey 12 Channel Mixer, 2x Peavey stage monitor
  • Microphone 3x Shure SM58, 6x Sheinesser, 7x Shure SM57, Peavey mic for Kick drum.
  • Recording Gear - Dell Desktop with 2 19" monitor
  • Protools 7.1 rec software
  • Tapco by Mackie Near field monitor
  • M Audio Vocal Rec Mic
  • Firewire 1814 - M Audio Inter-face
  • 4 channels - samson Sgate4 X 2
  • 2 channels - dbx compressor / gate / limiter
  • Others- Headphones, Chimes, Timbale, Tambourine, Music Stand, Peavey Snake Cable

Monday, October 1, 2007

One Very Satisfied Customer

Finally on Sunday 30Sept 2007 Harapan (by Innersence) recording was completed around 1130pm. All the hard work and long hours paid off giving everybody a sense of relief and satisfaction..

It all started on Friday evening (28 Sept) when the recording resume after 6 days break.
GPJ faithful ( Dillah & Malim ) had been so dedicated to finish off this recoding with a high note.
Salleh made a comeback and give us his vaulable assistance, which was much needed.

We didnt actually achieved our target on Friday..but the spirit remain high and most important, the bond between GPJ faithful and Innersense member was obviously getting closer (comparable to those bunch of guys @ Miami Ink...) We sat down and discussed on what need to be done the next day. Decision were made and it will be business as usual tomorrow. At 3am we called it a day...another long night..and nobody is complaining...Great job Guys!!!

We completed Harapan recording ( music only ) in the wee hours on Sunday..around 1am...
Zeky (vocal) was on a night shift so we told him to come next day to do the vocal recording.

In the meantime, the GPJ faithful, inspirational as ever, came up with a new song..it sounds good....should be alot better with the full band...wait for the release!

Sunday 30 Sept....this will be the day...Zeky came to fill in the vocal and finish off Harapan. Not much of a problem..job well done..( its worth the sweat bro..macam belari 4 round padang bola!!)and at 1130pm recording was over..the guys hang around feeling excited and we can see that 'sense of accomplishment' expression all written on their faces...GPJ faithfuls were proud with all the praise..at the end of the day..it was team-work that make it happen..well done guys...

Innersense left the studio at 1am feeling very satisfied..what separate this group with most of the local bands is they now have their debut single, originally written and compose by themselves.
Innersense.....you can take a lot of pride in it..we @ GPJ are proud of you..Keep on Rocking Bro..

By the way GPJ faithful came up with another new song again..
We have a date today to record 3 songs at 3pm...(its just jamming, but we will record it at the same time..) it will be fun.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harapan by Innersense

Last Saturday 22nd Sept 2007 at 9pm.....

We have the opportunity to work with a relatively new band...the Innersense.
the band is 4 months old, 5 young guys with their debut single Harapan.

Studio preparation started 3 days before only to be spoilt by 40 students from sunshine schools who came on Friday afternoon to record Hari Raya song for one of RTB Hari Raya programme....so after Sungkai at my place we continue to do the studio work...but before that a round of Gin Rummy ( a card game- an addiction @GPJ) with Rita (girl power!!) winning the round ( you have to check her counting most of the time..pembuyuk!! ...and when she started singing or talking rubbish..tanda tanda kan menangkap....)

Studio preparation work was fun apart from the painstaking Drum sound setting....really a pain in the neck....we discovered some of our cables rosak so Dillah, a soldering expert, come to the rescue..

The guys came around 9pm on Saturday...before recording begins we sat down and discuss the work flow so we can save time..it was the first time we listen to their song and we like it. The guys were quite shy in the beginning. It was only our third meeting, the previous two was very brief..but the next 2 hours or so we became good friends and feel confortable with eachother...
It was nice of them to treat us to a Nasi katok Mama for Sahur..we sat on the corridor eating and talking and went home at 3am. They will come back on Friday 28Sept @ 8pm to finish off the recording and we are looking forward to it. Perhaps another round of Gin Rummy again..

Hari Minggu Punya Cerita

This will be GPJ first original song and hopefully it will be released after Hari Raya.
A happy song with a catchy beat and lyrics that can make you smile...

We have been trying to do this for so many months only to find out that it wasn't easy to write and compose original song. The harder we try the harder it gets...but one piece of advice..when the inspiration come to your head, the first thing you have to DO is record it somewhere ( mobile phones etc...) else it will be gone from your head.

So we salute all the local songwriters who have composed their original songs..

And many thanks to Pelangi FM 91.4 for creating a slot and airing the local original songs..without you we aint going nowhere...and of course your Anugerah Pelangi which will give recognition to the local songwriters at the same time motivating them to continue producing original songs of highest quality.

I must say i am really really impressed and enjoy listening to the Local original composition..keep it up Guys and thanks a million Pelangi FM 91.4

I honestly believe with all the support from all Radio stations and sponsors, sooner or later we will be there at the Regional Music Awards such as AIM...etc Soon I hope

Keep on Playing...
Keep on Listening...
Keep on Rocking